79 more coronavirus cases confirmed on stricken cruise liner as global deaths pass 2,000
// |
Chinese study finds latest virus is more contagious than SARS or MERS
19/02/2020 16:20 |
Why one of the biggest world cities now looks like a ghost town
19/02/2020 10:13 |
CNN's David Culver visits Shanghai, China, where streets are mostly empty and businesses shuttered as fears of the novel coronavirus linger. The virus has infected more than 73,000 people around the world, mostly in mainland China.
Trump stuns with audacity of pardons
19/02/2020 11:58 |
Source: Barr thought about resigning over Trump's interference
19/02/2020 05:42 |
Attorney General William Barr has told people he's considered resigning over President Donald Trump's interference with Justice Department matters, particularly the President's tweets, according to a source close to the situation.
Trump confirms top Pentagon policy official to depart administration
19/02/2020 16:27 |
President Donald Trump confirmed in a tweet on Wednesday that John Rood, the Pentagon's top policy official, is leaving his post.
Ex- rugby star allegedly doused car containing his wife and children with gas, killing his family, reports say
19/02/2020 15:16 |
Former rugby league player Rowan Baxter, his wife and their three young children have been killed in a horrific car fire in Brisbane, Queensland.
Allegations of misogynistic and sexist comments loom over Bloomberg's first debate
19/02/2020 15:54 |
• Analysis: Why Sanders is leading most national polls right now • Buttigieg slams Trump: My marriage never involved sending 'hush money to a porn star'
Keilar shuts down Bloomberg spokesperson's defense: That's not going to do it
18/02/2020 20:31 |
Jason Schechter, Chief Communications Officer for Michael Bloomberg's campaign, defended the former mayor against reports of alleged previous sexist comments, saying Bloomberg's track record on women's issues speaks for itself.
Murder of girl, 7, in Mexico fuels anger and protests over brutal killings
19/02/2020 15:57 |
A young girl, known only as Fátima, was last seen being picked up from school by an unidentified woman in Mexico City on February 11.
Family of deceased TV star releases social media post she was told not to share
19/02/2020 15:28 |
The family of deceased TV presenter Caroline Flack has released an unpublished message written by the star, as an inquest into her death began on Wednesday.
Boeing says it found debris in fuel tanks of parked 737 Max jets
19/02/2020 13:44 |
Boeing found debris in the fuel tanks of several 737 Max jets that have been sitting in storage. It's the latest problem Boeing faces as it tries to get the 737 Max back in the air.
Authorities confirm they have found the body of a missing college student in Georgia
19/02/2020 15:48 |
A woman's body found in Georgia has been identified as a college student last seen on Valentine's Day, authorities said Wednesday.
Andrew Yang joins CNN
19/02/2020 14:53 |
Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is joining CNN as a political commentator, the network announced Wednesday.
Harry and Meghan's use of the word 'Royal' being reviewed, source says
19/02/2020 13:02 |
The use of the word "Royal" by Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, for their new venture is being reviewed, according to a royal source. Discussions are still underway but the likely direction is that the term will not be a part of the Sussex's branding.
Companies warn they might not have enough workers under new UK immigration system
19/02/2020 13:51 |
Companies in Britain are warning that a new immigration system that prioritizes skilled workers could lead to labor shortages in industries including farming and social care.
Manchester United fans ejected for singing homophobic chants, says Chelsea
19/02/2020 11:54 |
Chelsea says a large group of Manchester United fans sang homophobic chants during its English Premier League fixture at Stamford Bridge Monday.
Burger King's gross new ad campaign
19/02/2020 16:24 |
Burger King is re-"molding" the image of its signature Whopper in a nauseating new ad campaign that promotes efforts to eliminate artificial preservatives and other additives from the company's menu.
The world's top climate negotiator is feeling optimistic. She says you should too
19/02/2020 10:00 |
At first glance, Christiana Figueres doesn't have that many reasons to be optimistic.
3 men were found dead near a cemetery. Sheriff says it 'was a message'
19/02/2020 09:38 |
The bodies of three men found dead near a cemetery in Southern California have been identified, the Riverside County Sheriff's Department said.
Off-duty cop couple stop restaurant robbery while on a date
19/02/2020 03:27 |
Two off-duty police officers were having date night at a Raising Cane's in Louisville, Kentucky, when a robber walked in.
After his fiery crash, NASCAR driver is awake and speaking with family
18/02/2020 22:44 |
NASCAR driver Ryan Newman is awake and speaking with family and doctors, a day after a fiery crash near the finish line of Daytona 500.
Class action lawsuit alleges fashion mogul sexually assaulted at least 10 women
19/02/2020 16:02 |
Global fashion mogul Peter Nygard has been accused of allegedly sexually assaulting 10 unnamed women and girls, some under the age of 18 at the time of the alleged incidents, according to new federal lawsuit.
Mexican national charged with acting as Russian agent in the US, DOJ says
19/02/2020 05:48 |
A Mexican national has been arrested and charged with acting as a Russian agent within the United States, the Justice Department said Tuesday.
Watch this man fly in a jet-powered suit
18/02/2020 08:56 |
The team at Jetman Dubai has built a jet-powered, carbon fiber wingsuit that can launch a human into the air from the ground.
Woman who posed as baby photographer charged with assault and attempted kidnapping after drugging a mother and planning to steal her child, prosecutors say
19/02/2020 10:13 |
A Washington woman is facing second degree assault and attempted kidnapping charges after prosecutors say she posed as a newborn photographer and drugged a mother in order to steal her baby.
Teen sensation buries PSG in Champions League debut for new team
19/02/2020 09:51 |
Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised anymore, given the frequency with which he does it.
Man attempts 200-foot-long skywalk between two hotels
18/02/2020 15:57 |
Watch Blake Wallenda of the "Flying Wallendas" attempt a daring 200-foot-long skywalk between two hotels in Honolulu.
Ex-Temple University fraternity president convicted of attempted sexual assault after victim testimony
19/02/2020 07:29 |
Former Temple University fraternity president Ari Goldstein was convicted Tuesday for his role in an attempted sexual assault of another student -- one of two incidents presented to the jury.
Buttigieg slams Trump: My marriage never involved sending 'hush money to a porn star'
19/02/2020 14:52 |
Pete Buttigieg turned an attack on Tuesday about his marriage into a pointed knock against President Donald Trump and hush money payments he paid to porn star Stormy Daniels.
How Trump adviser reacted when shown strong Obama economic numbers
18/02/2020 20:52 |
White House trade adviser Peter Navarro debates the economy and job growth numbers between the Obama and Trump administrations with CNN's Poppy Harlow.
A museum of women's history is long overdue -- and so are many others
19/02/2020 02:44 |
Earlier this month, the House of Representatives passed a bill to establish a National Women's History Museum. The announcement of the new museum immediately sparked praise on social media as long overdue. The most common criticism was not about the museum but was reserved for Liz Cheney as the only woman who voted against the measure. A handful of well-placed critiques rightfully raised concerns about how inclusive the new museum would be, a point that resonates with many women's historians who have long been familiar with the need for the field to more evenly address the histories of women of color and of working class women.
Hear from woman at center of airplane recline debate
18/02/2020 14:12 |
Wendi Williams, the woman at the center of the airplane seat recline debate, speaks with CNN's Alisyn Camerota about the passenger behind her who repeatedly pushed her seat after she reclined it.
A mom called 911 in the middle of the night because she desperately needed baby formula. The police delivered
19/02/2020 01:35 |
From flat tires to possible home invasions, the officers with the Lone Peak Police Department in Utah are used to dealing with a variety of 911 calls. But at 2 a.m. on January 28, they received one unlike any other: A mother was in need of baby formula.
What $40,000 'unicorn whiskey' tastes like
19/02/2020 15:53 |
A rare beast has been asleep in the Irish countryside for close to half a century.
Jay-Z photographer Renell Medrano debuts her love-letter to Dominican culture
19/02/2020 14:55 |
Photographer Renell Medrano's first big break came through a photo series titled "Untitled Youth," in 2014. The project was a compelling look into the everyday lived experiences of four young friends over two years in the Bronx, where Medrano was born and brought up.
See Michelle Obama's prom photo and why she's getting celebrities to post theirs
19/02/2020 13:02 |
Michelle Obama inspired celebrities to share their prom pictures after she posted a throwback to her prom to encourage students to vote.
'I'm going to rip his heart out and feed it to him,' says Tyson Fury ahead of rematch with Deontay Wilder
19/02/2020 14:54 |
He's called it the "biggest fight of the last 50 years in the heavyweight division" and the outspoken Tyson Fury was in confident mood ahead of his rematch with Deontay Wilder.
Brit Awards 2020: Best red carpet fashion
19/02/2020 07:09 |
Last night, the Brit Awards -- the UK music industry's biggest night -- took over London's O2 arena to celebrate some of the world's most famous artists and emerging acts. It was an evening that saw lots of great black British talent, a few politically charged speeches and, disappointingly (but by now in no way surprising), too few women recognized for their work.
'Parasite' filming locations you can visit in Seoul
19/02/2020 05:25 |
With South Korean director Bong Joon Ho's "Parasite" becoming the first ever non-English film to snag the Best Picture award at the 2020 Oscars, interest in the Seoul locations it features has skyrocketed.
Lost class ring shows up 47 years later in Finland
18/02/2020 12:08 |
A Maine woman's class ring that was lost 47 years ago was found by a welder while metal detecting in a forest in Finland.
Plant-powered airline travel is on its way
19/02/2020 10:47 |
The fresh air of the snow-covered Swiss mountains reverberated to the howl of private jet engines earlier this year as the planet's movers and shakers descended on Davos for the annual World Economic Forum.
Disney announces princess-themed wedding dresses
18/02/2020 14:20 |
Disney has announced a collaboration with Allure Bridal to create a 16-gown, princess-inspired wedding dress collection.
'Flying cellphone towers' could bring internet coverage to everyone
19/02/2020 09:48 |
Tech giants including Google and Facebook have spent years trying to figure out how to bring the internet to billions of people who still lack a reliable connection. Now, an American startup has come up with its own plan.
Purse lost behind wall for decades offers glimpse of teenage life in the 1950s
17/02/2020 14:56 |
The mystery of the contents of a purse found in the space between a locker and a wall in an Ohio middle school have been revealed. The dust-covered purse was discovered by a custodian.
The world through the eyes of one photographer
19/02/2020 12:15 |
Whether traveling through the vast floodplains of Africa or Thailand's lush mangrove forests, when photographer Michael Poliza explores the world, he practices one principle: take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.
Scientists slam conspiracy theories about virus origins | Iran confirms first two coronavirus cases | Adidas' business activity in China drops 85%
19/02/2020 13:07 |
Large study reveals new information about deadly virus
19/02/2020 12:44 |
A comprehensive study of more than 72,000 confirmed and suspected cases of the novel coronavirus by Chinese scientists has revealed new information about the deadly infection which has brought much of the country to a halt.
Concern over outbreaks in Singapore, Japan, S Korea and HK
19/02/2020 14:39 |
The death toll from the novel coronavirus passed 2,000 on Wednesday, marking a grim milestone in the battle to contain the deadly outbreak, as countries across Asia registered an uptick in confirmed cases.
'Master virus hunter' voices concerns after trip to China
19/02/2020 05:28 |
Dr. W. Ian Lipkin, known as a "master virus hunter" speaks to CNN's Anderson Cooper under quarantine after his trip to China. He said there's still a lot to be learned on the virus. Watch "Full Circle" every weeknight at 5pm E.T.

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